कुछ इस तरह बयान हुआ हूँ, इक क़िस्सा बन गया हूँ ।

शब्दों की माला में पिरोया हुआ, वो धागा चीर सा गया है ।
सफ़राना जब शुरू हुआ, हर ज़बान ने बदला 

बेगाना हुआ ख़ुद से ही, रास्ता मेरा ।
क्या क़िस्सा क्या कहानी 

हर रंग में रंगा ।
किसी में राजा किसी में फ़क़ीर 

किसी में पूरा मैं, किसी में इक लकीर ।


वो इक सोच से जन्मा था

अब हज़ारों सोच के नीचे दब चुका हु ।
                 – UnsophisticatedBird

I promise. Do you?

A young lady started her career of dreams. She was determined to rule the world. She did not expect anything from the world but just followed a shining path of twinkling dreams. She was all enthusiastic and working with complete zeal. But soon, life took over and she was loosing that brightness. Situations affected her so much. She then had a thought! May be her friends were happy and she should look for something new. Five months passed and suddenly she was aged with stress. Once a flying bird was now just drooling over useless thoughts. 


Is life throwing hardcore fighting situations at you? If yes, then you are a lucky one. To all the new freshers starting their career, this is called getting experience. 

I do not say that you settle for less, but how do you know your worth? You took this job! No one forced it on you.  Then why this moving away from your duties? 

Stress has turned out to be so pathetic with us that at 23 we look like 30. We have no idea but we talk great things. We tend to see ourselves as a winner but loosing control on our lives. Whoever said, if stressed you should eat desserts, is a liar. 

Enough of this gyaan!!

I wish to promise few things to myself today. I promise I will be giving my best from today itself. I promise to handle myself so that I dont have to take sick leaves anymore. I promise to keep myself happy. 

Happiness is never boring 🙂

God may know, but when will you??

Have you ever seen stones beneath a forceful river? Looks all shiny and clean, yes true! But look closely, there are the holes which the river’s flow did to it. 

People say stay strong and things will get better eventually and you will reclaim peace for yourself. 

Tell me, a battlefield can easily transform you but what if you are fighting in the wrong one? 

That stone looked glossy but it was ruptured from inside. The complete point is know what you are fighting against is right one. Every situation may teach you a lesson and it may be binding. Whatever may be, make sure you are storming into right lessons. 

Life can not impose anything over you, you got to make a choice, the right battle !!


जो जादू घर के राज्मा चावल कर सकते है..

वो दुनिया का कोई जादूगर नहीं कर सकता ।।

End of the topic !! 😍

How “M” for money hit the “M” for Micro-finance industry?

On 8th November 2016, when Narender Modi made that storming announcement, we all were sitting, confused. Suddenly the phone started ringing and all our customers were in same situation.

This complete change brought along a real tough time to each one of us. Bankers were the real heroes, but no one noticed us. Most of the people in our industry were seen working for 15-16 hours a day. We suddenly had a longing for ours beds.

The difficult part was making our target audience (mostly uneducated), understand how we were different from banks and why we could not accept the old currency.

Despite all this, a major hit is still seen across nation. Its been more than a month and we are still struggling with our monthly recovery cycle.

How hard demonetization is for us?

Well yes, honestly, it can be the strongest earthquake till now for us.

  1. Our PAR (Principal At Risk) is phenomenally high now. Customers here are of two types, one where customers have a good reason to default and others who have been paid salary in old denominations only. Such customers do not have the time to exchange those notes as one day off will result in loss of pay, LOP as you all say.
  2. Credit rating for our customers will also decline. Despite 60 days extension by RBI this will  result in high Credit Bureau rejection cases.
  3. Sales has been reduced to numbers or completely stopped for certain period. Hence our customers will again fall in trap of money lenders who charge heavy deposit. Revival of such customers will be a difficult and long process.
  4.  Most of customers either want loan waiver or one month extension. Waiving off loan will also waive us off.

Demonetization is a phase like a meteor rain. It can only be seen once in a lifetime. The sparkling change may seem beautiful in long run, but beneath it, there will be hard hit financially excluded portion of society.

Question stays now, How things will fall in place? For us, all of us!

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