Hi! Is your boy, a Muma’s boy?

Is it?

When a child is born, the first emotional, physical & spiritual contact is with its mother. Science says that a son is more attached to his mother & a daughter to his father.

Now, are you feeling a few things, which I am going to mention now?

Your boyfriend or husband or love, as you may call, is always more inclined towards his mother & his family?

Are you coming late on his priority list?

Is your time with him, split into two zones?

Are his decisions taken after consideration with his mother? Are those more angled towards his family first?

Do you say to him that you are such a Muma’s boy?

Well! Well!

Ladies, what I am going to say might be an eye-opener or you may feel otherwise.

In a world when even nuclear families fail to exist, there is nothing wrong if he makes effort to stay on those.

If you have a brother or two, how would you feel if your parents feel ignored? Doesn’t sound good to me!!

Yes, I have a brother & I play a vital role in most of his decisions. Anyways, I don’t find that alarming. I understand his stance & what his girl might feel too.

Yet, now, take a pause on this note, and look at yours too. You don’t have to base your decisions because he took his.

You may be late in priority, but when you need him the most, if he isn’t there, move on girl!!

Any life-changing event’s decision should have your, your family’s, his & his family’s consent. This isn’t a competition who came first.

Do note, if his folks think of you before taking any steps. We don’t like selfish ones.

Don’t blame him to be a Muma’s boy, but don’t let your importance stand in a puddle.

Take a stand & Give him respect. Go mutually not at par.

Keep loving fellas!!


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Traveling solo, how?

Mountains or beaches or somewhere in between?

There might not be a soul on earth who would say, I don’t like travelling to old or new places. Everyone loves that!!

But group or solo?

Off recently, I have these urges to travel to a new place. Because honestly, attending weddings isn’t being a traveller.

But, I am so engrossed with friends or family around, that it never happened that I could know what solo travelling would mean. Now, that when all of them are so busy in their own lives or work routines, I wish to take a break, & travel around, SOLO!

It’s great to be around with known faces, but I want to know something new. I want to be a person who can travel alone & not stay in a hotel room thinking about what next to do.

So you, my reader. This time there are no thoughts of mine. This time I wish to know yours. Help me how do I go about this? All solo travellers, I have the willingness now, what is next to get me all started? This has to start soon, very soon!!

Talaq! Talaq! Talaq!

Yesterday, 22nd August,’17, Supreme court gave ‘talaq’ to the instant three word usage. And then we had Mohd Kaif openly supporting this verdict and hence finally came those, who did not approve.

Well obviously, if a decision is made, there are non-supporters every time. And this was practiced for a good 1400 years.

Can we now say that ‘ache dinn aagye’?

Is this the beginning of something good? Will this stop men leaving their wives without reason? Will this decrease the amount of ‘outside home polygamy’? Will this abolish mental and physical torture?

No, don’t get me wrong here! I am not talking about women rights. Not at all! I want you all to know, that these issues are gender equal. What wrong happened with Bano, similar might have happened with a man. But left unsaid, as sharing such talks is not a right of a man.

Every news since yesterday has been mentioning about women victory. These ladies did a commendable job for they stood up. You see happiness while they speak, mention about cheers they received.

And then there are silent speakers who prayed for these ladies. They could not take a stand. Why? Oh! See his wife divorced him. Is he a man? Why didn’t he controlled her? He does not have the balls to tame a lady.

So there were silent men who wanted to have a happy family but some non-path following wives could not provide to.

Here, I congratulate off brave ladies and those silent brave hearts who made this triple T unconstitutional.

Chalo kuch toh safayi hogi”

Car scratched? No worries!!

"She is not just four wheels and an engine, she is home" 
Love at first sight is when you see your new car and you know she is the one. No matter how strong the car may be, we clean it as though it was the most fragile thing on the planet. Our clothes may say 'handle with care' but it’s our car that steals all the love. And what may be the biggest nightmare? Well of course, apart from getting stolen; a scratch. 
A car's body is just like a human body. As we have layers of skin so does it have layers of paint! Let us understand the various types of hurtful scratches it may get, and yes, how to get rid of them. 
1. Clear coat scratch
Just like we get some random scratches on our skin, having no pain but a tiny mark, that’s exactly what our car's scratches are like. The clear coat protects our car from sunlight, dust and the weather. A scratch on this is easy to handle. 
You need: Soapy water, polishing compound, and a clean cloth,
a) Clean the scratch with soapy water to get rid of all the dirt.
b) Apply a small amount of polishing compound on a pad or a microfiber cloth.
c) Polish the area with 10-12 strokes.
d) Pat the area dry and repeat if required. 
Simple, isn't it?   
2. Primer scratch 
Primer scratch is a step forward than clear coat scratch. This is similar to when a scratch leads to bleeding. This type of scratch goes beyond the color coat into the primer or right down to the metal. 
You need: Soapy water, sand with an ultra-fine automotive sand paper, and paint.
a) Wash the scratch with soapy water to remove the dirt and oil. Dry it with a towel.
b) Carefully apply the primer on scratch and let it rest overnight. 
c) Dip the ultra-fine automotive sand paper in water and start rubbing over the scratch in a circular motion.
d) Stop scrubbing when the standing color on surface is gone. 
e) Apply compound over the affected area. 
f) Now apply more paint to remove the residuals of the scratch.
g) To regain the glossy look, apply compound at the last step and you are good to go. 
Be the doctor to your car. Happy cleaning!



कुछ इस तरह बयान हुआ हूँ, इक क़िस्सा बन गया हूँ ।

शब्दों की माला में पिरोया हुआ, वो धागा चीर सा गया है ।
सफ़राना जब शुरू हुआ, हर ज़बान ने बदला 

बेगाना हुआ ख़ुद से ही, रास्ता मेरा ।
क्या क़िस्सा क्या कहानी 

हर रंग में रंगा ।
किसी में राजा किसी में फ़क़ीर 

किसी में पूरा मैं, किसी में इक लकीर ।


वो इक सोच से जन्मा था

अब हज़ारों सोच के नीचे दब चुका हु ।
                 – UnsophisticatedBird

I promise. Do you?

A young lady started her career of dreams. She was determined to rule the world. She did not expect anything from the world but just followed a shining path of twinkling dreams. She was all enthusiastic and working with complete zeal. But soon, life took over and she was loosing that brightness. Situations affected her so much. She then had a thought! May be her friends were happy and she should look for something new. Five months passed and suddenly she was aged with stress. Once a flying bird was now just drooling over useless thoughts. 


Is life throwing hardcore fighting situations at you? If yes, then you are a lucky one. To all the new freshers starting their career, this is called getting experience. 

I do not say that you settle for less, but how do you know your worth? You took this job! No one forced it on you.  Then why this moving away from your duties? 

Stress has turned out to be so pathetic with us that at 23 we look like 30. We have no idea but we talk great things. We tend to see ourselves as a winner but loosing control on our lives. Whoever said, if stressed you should eat desserts, is a liar. 

Enough of this gyaan!!

I wish to promise few things to myself today. I promise I will be giving my best from today itself. I promise to handle myself so that I dont have to take sick leaves anymore. I promise to keep myself happy. 

Happiness is never boring 🙂

God may know, but when will you??

Have you ever seen stones beneath a forceful river? Looks all shiny and clean, yes true! But look closely, there are the holes which the river’s flow did to it. 

People say stay strong and things will get better eventually and you will reclaim peace for yourself. 

Tell me, a battlefield can easily transform you but what if you are fighting in the wrong one? 

That stone looked glossy but it was ruptured from inside. The complete point is know what you are fighting against is right one. Every situation may teach you a lesson and it may be binding. Whatever may be, make sure you are storming into right lessons. 

Life can not impose anything over you, you got to make a choice, the right battle !!

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