A confused state of two

We were sitting together, not a word to say
we were sitting together, paving our way.

We met once in few months
and we just met with zipped up hunts.

Hurts? Yes, a lot.
Making the other understand isn’t a shot.

She is confused of percentage
and I am sure over my weight age.

Freedom and caging
Freedom and flying.

She advises to stay in control, no boy As friends,
no late night works, no working blends,
no career of choice
No letting out the voice.

Yet She offers to study, interest deprived,
She offers to work, society approved.
What happens next?
The daughter lies for the best.

Each lie hits her heart she makes to her mother,
Each dream hits her hard she makes to gather.
They love each other,
Yet they are drifting apart rather.


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