Nature says it all…

The wind is moving swiftly
Trees are moving freely.
Inside I am hiding myself,
from the outer and my inner self.
Running and leaving the truth behind,
Oh, I cannot be more kind.
My god have asked me to be patient,
Saying things would get better.
But, I feel a rotten smell,
falling much deeper in this whirling well.
Mind is confused, and heart in distress,
this mystery isn’t letting me rest.
Now you might want to ask what happened with me,
Oh nothing! It’s just that I am not free.
Free from my chain of thoughts,
and my breaths are at cost.
There is you pulling me up from this fire,
and their destiny is collecting woods for my pyre.
I wish to live; I wish to die,
In any case, in your arms I will lay.
Enchanting would my world be,
In any case, I will be thee.


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