Hibernating the failure …

Failure isn’t when you fail, its when you slowly and gradually loose yourself. it’s when you no longer can maintain an eye contact with yourself.
It starts with you falling down on your knees. You brush off the dust and stand again. The second time you fall, your knees hurt more. And you keep falling down despite of the hard work you might put in. And a time comes when you have exhausted yourself to the limit. You no longer wish to stand and fight again.

And at this moment you have friends, some would sympathize with you, some would be silent watchers and some would put all of their philosophical knowledge on you. “Try again, it’s life, and blah blah blah…”
Your parents would try hard to make you stand, might get dejected over your loss over yourself.
You would want a listener and you’ll get speakers.
Some might turn to hallucination stuff, some might want to try some suicidal attempts…

Happens a lot, and happens with everyone.
So what ? You just got kicked by life in public.
Why not trying giving a kick back?
It would again be trying and trying… again the same old stuff…

Difficult ?

Try this easier way—> Sit down and don’t do anything. Go in hibernation. Stop thinking of EVERYTHING. Spend your days this way.

MUCH difficult .. 😛

Tire your difficulties, cause losers we can’t be and win would be in our bag one day…

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