“His child has cleared the engineering entrance, her daughter has cleared the medical one, and his both children are in best colleges.” One will hear these things from parents usually, comparing their children to others and then feeling disappointed that they don’t have a genius born.

Today every field is scoring; only what matters is finding out the talent in your child and then pushing his talent on right path. A path which is in his reach, where he can excel on basis of the talent he has got. Parents will think that their child will be this that and what not. But they need to understand not all are same. Every child is special in his own way, a speciality which distinct him from others. Getting jealous from others children isn’t needed. Enhancing your child’s talent is required. Life won’t be perfect for everyone and rather it is never for anyone. You don’t have to teach your child how to copy others, teach your child how to work hard for his goal. If a child is working hard for an entrance, it is because he wants to clear it for himself. He chooses being a musician because he loves that profession. Money is important but not everything. Every profession will have a high paid salary and your child can surely reach that position. And it’s only possible if he loves what he is doing. Excelling in fields is very easy with complete dedication and love for the profession.

If your child is confused about career, don’t push your dreams on him. Sit with him, clear his doubts, take him to a good counsellor and help him in choosing the right path. A parent will never let wrong done with his child, and will not do even wrong. Time is changing drastically and one needs to walk hand in hand with new generation. If you find the chosen path wrong, make him understand but with reasons. No one will understand until you provide with a solid reason. Saying a direct no is easy, but it’s difficult for the child to accept. Don’t let your child become anti-you. This generation will always ask you why this, that and you should always be ready for the step taken. You cannot force your decisions on them. Let them take decision on their own. Let them understand what is right and what is not. A lesson learned so is of more impact that being lectured about.

 A right path followed is a beginning of a golden future. Don’t let that smile fade away and that purity lessen with time.


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