Death doesn’t separates…

Once a 78 years old man’s only son died in a car accident. Everyone came and consoled him for the huge loss. All the while he was just smiling. A lady asked her if everything was fine fearing if he was in trauma. The old man very politely replied.” Yes I am perfectly fine, don’t worry I havnt gone mad. I am smiling because I know my tears can’t bring my son back. He was my family and now when he is gone, I can’t do anything. Neither in any way i can bring him back. So why cry? He gave me best of memories and I’ll continue living with that. My life won’t come to halt, I’ll continue with what I used to do. The only difference would be that there will be no father waiting for his son to return early from work. Life goes on.”

Someone’s absence may hurt but that doesn’t mean decreasing your life’s pace.

“Cherish the memories, enjoy the past, live the present.” 


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