The idiotic reactive !!!

You were upset,
You were sad.
You wanted to cry best,
It all seemed bad.

You wanted right,
It went left.
You wanted bright,
It was bent.

Something was wrong,
The thing could be strong.
Something was bleak,
The thing could be weak.

You made a fuss,
Quick and long,
You made a hush,
Hurried to respond.

All came over a person,
One who stood to hold.
All came over in a sum,
One who took that bold.

A heart cried,
Was moaning, no noise.
A part died,
Letting not out voice.

She still stands,
Together and besides.
She still hold the strands,
Facing such bias. 

You were reactive,
Situation wasn’t such active,
Response was provocative,
Her heart was melted


Oh! Listen you,
You will remorse this.
Oh! Listen you,
Apologies will not clear the miss.

You will regret the needles,
You will regret the bleeds.
What you just carved,
Will not bring back the world.



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