What is it?

There will be a person who would claim that there will be no better love.
What does anyone know about this love?

Love is just a feeling when you start liking someone’s behavior, can be towards can be against.
But Is there any theory which explains love?

A person may care and pamper, you call it a love.
A person is opposite to you, that excite ignites feeling, you call it love.

But what is love?
And what is hatred?

I say they are nothing, just a feeling.
You can start loving anyone anytime and same goes for hatred.

Nothing lasts forever, nothing.
A blink of an eye and there goes your partner who once chose to be the proclaimer.

That happiness you find by being with others, that isn’t there.
It’s just a matter of moments.

Someone once said, love doesn’t see caste, creed, age, gender.

I say love doesn’t see an individual, it feels a liking; which can happen anywhere, anytime and any number of times.

But why is it that very few choose to be with one person, why they choose eternity?
Why one person becomes the whole world?
Why such a dependency?

Why is the society always asking for a confirmation?

Why does the marriage institution even exist?

I still have a question, what is love ?



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