When tears trickle…

A little kid was crying

and you thought she was adorable!

A scared up heart, as she heard more shouting…


A twinkling teen was hiding under her sheet,

expectations weren’t fulfilled by her..

and you thought she was learning!


Tears sprinkle down her rosey cheeks,

A lady who couldn’t win everyone’s hearts…

and you thought she was wrong!


I wonder how tears are animately equated to weakness. A crying person and he is not efficacious. Why this society really has to be so thoughtful and judgemental.

When dictionary came into existence, it explained tears as a means of expressing oneself. You feel like crying and you do. Why is it that everyone comes over and stops a crying person?

He felt like crying and expressing, & truely he wasn’t there to gain sympathy. He squeezed out himself and few tear drops were there, simple!

Why create fuss of each and almost everything?

The society is evolving with the inventions of lists in do’s and dont’s.

Why are you breathing heavily? Are you trying to be an attention seeker?

“Kuch bhi ho skta hai”




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