A girl in chains

I wish to tell them everything,
I want to hide no wings.

Yet they stop my flight,
Saying I am a girl and have no right.

I lie and thrive,
Pierced heart and broken life.

I hate these shallow waters,
I am scared and my wings clutters.

The roads are wide,
Stones, unturned.

The voice calls me, now!
And I want to explore, but how?

They are terrified
And so I am.

How do I tell them?
That chains don’t create a run.

I do no wrong,
I just wish to roam.

Looking at mountains,
Diving in seas.

Meeting cultures,
And watch shedding leaves.

Everyone says, these are beautiful years.
None says, go openly and spike away wears.

I am just a girly traveler,
Who  wanders being a loner.

Why do they stop?
Why do they block?

Allow me to be myself, once.
I promise to create a bunch.

A bunch of beautiful cities,
A bundle of marvellous kites.

Let me fly,
Let me run.
Let me swim,
Let me shrimp.

As the day will end,
I promise to return with no bend.



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