I promise. Do you?

A young lady started her career of dreams. She was determined to rule the world. She did not expect anything from the world but just followed a shining path of twinkling dreams. She was all enthusiastic and working with complete zeal. But soon, life took over and she was loosing that brightness. Situations affected her so much. She then had a thought! May be her friends were happy and she should look for something new. Five months passed and suddenly she was aged with stress. Once a flying bird was now just drooling over useless thoughts. 


Is life throwing hardcore fighting situations at you? If yes, then you are a lucky one. To all the new freshers starting their career, this is called getting experience. 

I do not say that you settle for less, but how do you know your worth? You took this job! No one forced it on you.  Then why this moving away from your duties? 

Stress has turned out to be so pathetic with us that at 23 we look like 30. We have no idea but we talk great things. We tend to see ourselves as a winner but loosing control on our lives. Whoever said, if stressed you should eat desserts, is a liar. 

Enough of this gyaan!!

I wish to promise few things to myself today. I promise I will be giving my best from today itself. I promise to handle myself so that I dont have to take sick leaves anymore. I promise to keep myself happy. 

Happiness is never boring 🙂


5 thoughts on “I promise. Do you?

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  1. All of life is a learning curve. Once I got comfortable with one thing, another challenge came along. There was no option but to grow. If you’re idealistic (and I’m guessing you are), you keep striving to give life your best. And that’s the joy of the journey. Learn from each day. Accept your failures and try not to make them again. (Not always successfully). And don’t look for happiness. It hides when you look for it, but find people and activities that fulfill you to help balance things out. And good luck!

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